2007年8月13日 星期一

install neoTrueColours

Fill up your blog URL and click Submit (press the buttom) for demo:


Or. try


  • Cute Template for girls
  • Neo - The lightning fast blogger beta template.
  • Prototype and scriptaculous build-in for cool new scrollto and highlight effect.
  • link and label added.

Install instructions.

Dr. Mosi said
For those who haven't heard about Neo, it is a template designed by Ramani of Hackosphere to speed up blogsites. Normally when you click on a post / archive page / what have you on a blog, the entire blog reloads. Ramani changed this so that when you click on a post title only the post reloads, thus speeding up the blog considerably.
Before changing your blog template, please read the instructions posted by Ramani otherwise you may lose all your customised stuff like widgets and so on.
Please remember to backup your original template just in case things go wrong.

Download Template:

Download Neo.js

Original Template authour



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